The Tour

Take the tour with us and discover modern history of Bratislava 1938 - 1989.
Our guide will pick you up by authentic veteran vehicle UAZ 452. You will explore history of Czechoslovakia and well-preserved, complex defensive system in a two-floor bunker-museum. Along the road, just on the edge of the city, you will also find remains of the Iron curtain and stations for border patrols, from communist regime era.
Bratislava museum city side tour

The Story

Bratislava has always been the city on the border. The city itself and its surroundings were fortified since the medieval ages to the present times. The latest fortress system was built just before the WW2 by democratic Czechoslovakia to repel Hitler's invasion. Due to the political decisions from september 1938, this well prepared defense system could not have been used and Hitler invaded our land without a fight. Once, the war had come to an end, the communist regime raised up the Iron curtain that divided Europe. Bratislava, as part of the eastern block  has received than another "defense system". This one has prevented citizens to freely travel to the western countries. The edge of the city, with massive bunkers, became a part of strictly patrolled "no-trespass area". Due to the fact that for more than forty years, no one can approach close to the border, our technical heritage - the czechoslovak fortress system, fell into forgotten.

The Museum

Czechoslovak fortification museum is an example of great work of volunteers, who are authentically renovating bunker B-S 4 in Bratislava-Petržalka. Panzer loopholes, massive walls of reinforced concrete, genuine weapon collections and special fortification weapons, can be found in this two-floor fortress.

Plan your visit

Upon agreement our guide will pick you up under the UFO bridge. (map)
Maximum limit of participants for one tour is 8.
Price per seat: 25 EUR
Price per group 120 EUR


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